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Review: Timberlake is a man lost in the woods on new album


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REASON for all this:

He became a "Father"

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but I'm guessing he's going to change the channel during halftime, unless they have cloned Ol Blue Eyes.

He won't be performing at halftime, but tell your dad to check out Sal Valentinetti...


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Can't even name one song of his. His third Super Bowl appearance? Is he really that popular? My 85 year old Dad enjoys watching baseball, basketball and football, college mostly for the latter two, but I'm guessing he's going to change the channel during halftime, unless they have cloned Ol Blue Eyes.

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The truth is that every artist eventually runs out of gas. It is inevitable.

Consider how long Justin Timberlake has been successful. I don't care whether it is because of cultural appropriation or not, he has found a way to remain relevant far longer than most artists.

And, to be honest, those that do stay relevant always borrow from others and from new musical styles. Certainly this is true in the pop / Top 40 world.

There are those that are the creators. And there are those that are the producers. And then there are those that are just savvy repackagers.

Justin just turned 37. His solo career is 15+ years. How many can claim that?? Whatever the reason, that is impressive.

He may be at the end of his run. Or he may not.

Not a particular fan, just think he probably is not done yet.

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Like Miley Cyrus, he ran out of African American culture to scavenge for his mostly White American fanbase, so he is trying to return to his original style hoping to have learned something along the way to make it better. Unfortunately, when you spend most of your time copying others, you never have time for your style to truly grow and develop. I could say the same for Lenny Kravitz.

For his Super Bowl performance, he will sing a few verses of his new song then go back to most of his old music (culturally appropriated)for the show.

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