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Rie Hasegawa launches 'Smile and Run' event for tsunami victims


Television personality Rie Hasegawa, 37, held an event at the Tokyo FM headquarters this week to promote the launch of the "Smile and Run" charity project. The event aims to raise Japan's spirits following the earthquake and tsunami which struck Japan's Tohoku region on March 11.

Hasegawa's partner, Masaki Kanda, 60, recently returned from a trip to affected areas to deliver emergency rice supplies.

Hasegawa told the press, "For us, there was nothing else to do but try to work together to find a way to help. This is not about myself and Masaki though. We want everyone to get involved."

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You would think they want people to 'smile and stay', unless they're talking about a marathon.

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This is a good thing. If anyone here is familiar to the "24 Hour TV" events, they would have an understanding of what this will most likely be like. Names are just something to identify this event by...and yes, perhaps they could have chosen a beter name for this event, but it probably means a sort of marathon...through a park or even several city blocks, to raise money and bring a smile to the faces of those who are in need. Thing is...if the best charities are kept quiet, how would anyone know to donate their time or money? Please try to understand what they are tying to accomplish...step outside of your own little bubble and get an open mind.

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that is one of the worst names for a tsunami-related charity. The fact that most people that survived got out of their cars and ran is eerie. Some that tried to outrun the tsunami failed.

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The best charity work is kept quiet and confidential.

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More like scream and run.

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My thinking as well Mittsu: Smile and run like hell!

Getting really tired of Tokyo "talents" coming up here to spend the weekend "cheering up" the coastal regions with the sentimental-saccharine-bittersweet j-pop and photo op/TV interview. Telling everybody to do their best and that their not alone; then sprinting back to Tokyo to be interviewed about their "volunteer heroism".

Save the trip up north and send the money you would have spent on it to the Red Cross.

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Jeeeez, that is really an unfortunate name for a fundraiser for tsunami victims. what next, a swimathon?

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I may do in Asakusa, Ueno or some parks in Tokyo. That sounds seasonable and collaborative.

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Smile and run where? I do not understand this charity at all.

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