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Rie Hasegawa, Misako Yasuda and Jessica Michibata to run in Nagoya Women's Marathon


"Talents" Rie Hasegawa, 38, Misako Yasuda, 29, and model Jessica Michibata, 27, are getting into shape for the Nagoya Women's Marathon on March 11. The trio talked about their upcoming challenge at Nike Harajuku in Tokyo. The marathon will be held on the 1st anniversary of the March 11 disaster.

Hasegawa has run in full marathons 10 times to date. She said: "I hope I can send my energy to the 15,000 women who will take part in the marathon."

Yasuda, who has run in five full marathons, said her goal is to finish in 3 hours 45 minutes. Meanwhile, Michibata is making her marathon debut. "At least, I intend to finish with a smile," she said.

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no picture, you gotta to be kidding me

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Good luck to them all. Nogoya is a tough marathon and has strict quantification rules and a tough cut off. Jessica has probably done some training with her BF Jenson Button. F1 drivers are super fit and Jenson is a very speedy triathlete.

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Nagoya that is.

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and finish it?

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Tough stuff. I had my *** handed to me in the rainy Tokyo 2010 one. Could never imagine these hotties running by me...as my granddaddy shouts down from heaven again...chase that tail lad.

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