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Rie Hasegawa wishes ex-boyfriend Ishida all the best


Rie Hasegawa, 35, attended Tuesday's inaugural press conference for Food Action Nippon's Rice Flour Club. This was the first public appearance Hasegawa has made since her ex-beau, 55-year-old actor Junichi Ishida, got engaged to 33-year-old pro golfer Riko Higashio.

At the press conference, Hasegawa was honored by Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries Minister Hirotaka Akamatsu as a new supporter of the Rice Flour Club, which aims to discover and produce new food made with rice flour to increase Japan's food self-sufficiency. The Q&A at the conference was supposed to be limited to questions regarding the event, but inquiries about Ishida soon started flying.

Hasegawa fielded the questions without letting the smile leave her face, saying that she congratulates the couple on what looks to be a smooth engagement so far. She said she had no ill feelings toward Ishida after the end of their 8-year-three-month relationship.

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Ishida, Japan's original "Larry the Lounge Lizard" (minus socks) makes my skin crawl. I can not understand why women fall for such a faux Casanova.

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Make Japan food self sufficient? I thought that time was long gone. Rie is cute and wround the right age for me - wonder if she likes gaijin lounge lizards as much as she did the J version.

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and that's how much the press (and the public) care about Japan's food self-sufficiency . . .

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33-year-old pro golfer Riko Higashio is not a very smart woman to accept the proposal of such a loser.

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When she turns 35, he'll marry another 33er. Should just save the money and marry someone 23 for 12 years.

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Eight years she wasted on this guy and she can still wish him the best? Wow. She has way more class than he ever did, obviously. Looks like she dodged a bullet here.

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