Rilakkuma’s first stop motion animated series coming to Netflix

By Jess, grape Japan

Rilakkuma, a portmanteau of the English word "relax," and the Japanese word "kuma," meaning bear, is known for taking it easy. This cute, fuzzy bear is one of Sanrio's many hit characters, their impressive line-up includes Gudetama the lazy egg, and the iconic Hello Kitty.

Now the laid back bear and his equally calm gang of friends are coming to Netflix for their first ever animated series called, "Rilakkuma and Kaoru."

The streaming service describes the genre as a "slice of life anime," which will premiere globally on April 19.

It seems the plot will revolve around a female protagonist called Kaoru, who lives a generally boring life apart from when she hangs around with her "endearingly lazy roommate" called Rilakkuma. It looks like all of the bear's usual friends will also make an appearance, including Korilakkuma and Kiiroitori.

The charming stop motion animation looks perfectly on brand for Rilakkuma's adorable and chilled-out image. If you can't wait until to get your cute fix, check out these cherry blossom Rilakkuma sweets that you can get in Japanese convenience stores.

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Please note Rilakkuma does NOT belong to Sanrio, it belong to San-X. They are completely different companies.

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