AI spells danger for Hollywood stunt workers


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Easy to understand. It's all CGI these days. Nothing but AI cartooning.

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Why did Top Gun Maverick succeed? It's because all that CGI mess wasn't excessively used. Honestly, CGI car chases just don't cut it for me anymore. Way too much going on with too much going on.

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I don’t understand the panic about loosing jobs. If you love what you did then just continue to do it for free … and learn something more useful for society to make a few bucks.

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On one side there is no justification to force stunt workers to cooperate in developing the tools that will take their jobs, but on the other side reducing the number of risky stunts necessary is not intrinsically wrong, people are now taking risks because scenes can't be filmed without those stunts, but that is a very faint justification.

It is more likely that a new balance will be reached eventually, with only the most necessary stunts still being done while the rest are skipped because of the new tools.

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Hollywood's striking actors fear that artificial intelligence is coming for their jobs -- but for many stunt performers, that dystopian danger is already a reality.

AI taking over jobs in the healthcare industry too.

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Are they still ok? Of course only the real stunts so far have or further will put them into any danger, sometimes even hurting or deadly ones. AI surely never won't do that. Sometimes I wonder if they are even capable of thinking for a few seconds only before they come up with such complaints.

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AI taking over jobs in the healthcare industry too.

There is a huge difference between appearing in a scene and conducting a mammography, you have not yet explained how AI could do the later but still claimed they are replacing radiologists.

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But Blomkamp predicts that, in as soon as six or 12 months, AI will reach a point where it can generate photo-realistic footage like high-speed crashes based on a director's instructions alone.

However, AI won't be writing thoughtful, intelligent, scripts that "connect" with the audience.

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If the first part of the new Indiana Jones film is AI,real stunt people have nothing to fear for a while.

Total pants.

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stunt workers should not worry - It's always a job opening for fake wrestlers

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