Robert Downey Jr injured on 'Iron Man 3' set


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Oh. No.

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I hope he gets better. The last thing we need is a limping ironman.

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This guy has been a junkie for years. Must have some really good dirt on someone to keep hanging on and getting acting parts like he does.

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@t Riffraff. "Has"? I suggest you throw away your National Enquirers circa 1997 as your choice of bathroom reading material. RDJ has been straight for years now. He's a good actor who is well-liked by fans the world over and is a consistantly bankable leading man; that's why he stars in multi-million dollar Hollywood blockbuster movies, and not, as you unintentionally amusingly put it, because he has some "really good dirt on someone".

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@ Riffraff...RDJ has not only "cleaned up his act" he's gone thru therapy and has become very proficient in the art of Wing Chun...he has taken the high ground and admit's his failures and has been "straight" for years.

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Actually he signed a 10 Movie deal for the Iron Man Role.

Get better soon.

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And he's very honest, open, and self-deprecating about his various stupidnesses. Also a decent actor, and fans like him and women seem to think he's handsome.

10 movie deal- didn't know anyone made 10 movie deals. Sounds unlikely.

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