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Robert Downey Jr ranked world's top-earning actor by Forbes


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It's a pity we never see him in Japan because of Japan's harsh entry requirements-Downey's film portrayal of Sherlock Holmes was first rate!

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Wasn't he arrested for drugs at one point?

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Wasn't he arrested for drugs at one point?

And he spent time in jail for them as well.

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No Nippon 4 u Robert-san

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Wow, I'd forgotten about that. I always just check "no" for "have you been arrested for any crime."

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I guess it pays more to do drugs

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His father was a better actor, but then again, I never pay to see movies.

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My god, stop Adam Sandler. Someone, please.

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Why Harvey?

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Hi @JapanGal!

Why? Let me count the ways, from the most recent...


1A. His currently in production movie about Indians

Producing Kevin James movies

The Cobbler


Men, Women & Children

Grown Ups 1 &2

That's my Boy

trying to be a screenwriter

Just Go With It


His casting demands for his onscreen girlfriends

Jack & Jill

13... Oh for crying out loud, everything he's touched this millennium!

Heck, even the 90's weren't great...

Stealing airtime on SNL when there were much better comedians on it...
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Wow. With his record, in any other industry except Hollywood, he would be a total washout. If you are generally charming and engaging, Hollywood is the place to be. They'll forgive you for everything (except being a Republican).

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Robert Downey Jr should've won an Oscar for Chaplin. Great movie. Less Than Zero is also right up there with his best performances.

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Robert Downey Jr has always been an excellent actor, The problem were the drugs, he entered a spiral which it took long enough to get out, Hopefully he's clean now, he has all my support

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