Robert Plant takes Led Zeppelin songs to new places


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Rick Rubin?

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Darn I thought this meant he was coming to Japan. Bummer.

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Oh for crying out loud, guys, get the best drummer you can find, and bring Led Zepp back to life already, for a magnificent comeback tour, including a stop in Tokyo, preferably in autumn, winter or spring.

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Too bad not coming here

Who will the producer be?? Tell us.

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Prospect Park? ? ? guess i could take the subway,,,,,,YAWN,,,,,, Bring on The ZEP & Do CENTRAL PARK!!!

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I don't need a Zeppelin reunion. I don't need to hear them belt out the same old. I have plenty of recordings already. I am just glad to hear this guys who gave me so many good memories are still alive and apparently still enjoying life.

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