Robert Wagner a 'person of interest' in Natalie Wood's death in 1981


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Again? Really?

If the police want to talk to him, how can he get away with refusing to be interviewed for so long?

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Strange little menage a trois that one. Guessing he maybe caught her with Walken when he woke up from a drunken sleep.

Did he use the old classic..."I was too drunk to remember anything"

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or he was insecure and thought she liked c.w and through a tantrum...

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If they were all drunk, and he and Walken were arguing as claimed, it's possible that she tried to get in the dinghy to escape the noise (literally and/or melodramatically), but fell in. If that happened, it's also possible she hit her head on either vessel when she surfaced and knocked herself out. I've seen a drunk fall into the water from a small boat, and if he had of hit his head, he probably would have drowned. It does happen. Night only makes it worse - inebriation, darkness and small boats are a bad mix.

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A heart to heart that went tragically wrong?

Somehow, I don't think the truth will ever out on this one.

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Natalie Wood, Robert Wagner, Christopher Walken alone on a yacht in the dark, with drink involved...what could possibly go wrong in such a scenario?

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or he was insecure and thought she liked c.w and through a tantrum...

Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner come to mind. Possessiveness and jealousy.

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If the police want to talk to him, how can he get away with refusing to be interviewed for so long?

You don't have to speak to the police.

He could voluntarily submit to questioning, but he would be crazy to do so, even if he is innocent.

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Grammy winning songwriter producer David Pack's Natalie's Song

a loving tribute

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Before a crime case is solved, a suspect is described as a person of interest.

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That photo of Wood has been dated as the First of December 1981, which is wrong considering she died in November of that year.

There was four people on that boat - Wood, Wagner, Walken and the captain. It looks like Wood and Wagner had an argument about Walken, she decided to leave the ship and fell or was pushed in the icy water.

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In a statement Thursday, sheriff's spokeswoman Nicole Nishida said new witnesses interviewed since the case was reopened gave statements that "portray a new sequence of events on the boat that night."

Why is there such a difference in statements from the ones given 30 years prior? Why didn't these witnesses say what they really heard and saw when it really counted back in '81/'82?

I remember all kinds of rumors and speculation flying around right after the accident. I think re-opening this case over 30 years after the fact doesn't really make it any easier or fairer for those involved to get a fair shake.

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Someone been watching too much Cold Case?

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Judging by her clothing when her body was found, she decided to leave (or was asked to leave) the yacht in the dinghy due to all the fighting. She was most likely hit by a wave in the small dinghy afterwards. Possible negligence in letting a person who couldnt swim leave in a dinghy in those icy winter waters in the middle of the night.

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Cable. Channels stopped to used his action series several years ago.

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about time, RIP

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One ofcc cabllllle channels will have Wagners Hart toAt. Series on Tuesday niight after Muders she wrote. Marathon paired. It was pretty good action seies.

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