Robin Williams blazed animation trail with 'Aladdin'


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His best movie - magical.

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How 'bout the tireless work of the people that did the actual HAND drawn animation? Today's "animation" in the US is crap.

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@scipantheist: Pixar is crap? You don't think computer animators put in tireless work?

Dude, or dudette, get informed. No soup for you.

Robin Williams, you are missed.

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"Robin Williams was a living cartoon". What a great description! Thank you, Robin, for my favorite Disney character and for all the wonderful characters you have played. You are missed.

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Woah a piece of information I didn't know.. I Always thought that Aladdin was after Lion King (since Jeremy Irons did an excellent job with Scar)... But it is true.. He was excellent at doing voices, take "The birdcage" or better yet "Mrs Doubtfire", in the opening scene (or one of the opening scenes) he was working as a voice actor and he was ad-libing


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the order of release for those Disney animated films that gave rise to the rebirth of Disney Animation is as follows:

The Little Mermaid Alladin Beauty and the Beast The Lion King

Those 4 movies in 3-4 years resureccted the old fashioned Disney animated film for its last hurrahs before being killed by its brother, pixar.

That Steve Jobs, such a destructive force.......

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Thank you for the info of the releases. However, Pixar did not kill Disney animated films, if you ever watch the Pixar story, it was Disney itself that chose to bring back John Lasseteer, thus it was them who decided kill the "old-school" animated films. Besides Jobs, lost more that 5 millions of usd when he started with Pixar, he just sold his idea to Disney...

Anyway, When I first saw Aladdin I saw it dubbed in Spanish, so I couldn't appreciate him the first time, but then I saw "Robots" (just to hear Ewan McGergor's voice) I loved Fender, only Williams could make a character that lovable...

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By far the best film Disney ever released, that and Hercules.

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