Rock'n'rolling stock: Rod Stewart creates his own downtown train


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no pics?

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He has done a great job, awesome looking display. Love this sort of thing.

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A man with a truly rewarding hobby/grand obsession. 

Google for pictures of his layout, it does look amazing.

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Good old Rod. And good old Tom.

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Singing and 8 kids, trains are not his only hobby.

Saw him live in 85, poor guy lost his voice later in the night.

Grand life

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An amazing feat of achievement. Huge costing many dollars and many hours but he said he built at least 90% of it on his own. In the loft area of his LA home. Where he was born was next to a rail line so part of his life since day one. In Archway London famous pub for the rock music which I frequented. The Archway Tavern. 507 Archway Road, Highgate.

Also a train club in Britain had their setup destroyed by a group of drunk teenagers who broke in and smashed everything up. Rod Stewart donated £10000 for them to restore it.

He has battled prostrate cancer for two years and is now in the clear and raising money for that. I also have prostrate cancer and will have an op to remove it. First appointment back in Kobe tomorrow.


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Pics of the model railroad would have been better than a picture of Rod, we all know what he looks like.

I have a small model railroad but its in boxes right now. Couldn't quite afford to buy a house with enough space for it, though maybe when my kids are a bit older I'll move some of their toys around to make room. Sure do wish I had a mansion with an attic like that!

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Oh, pics are here, its really impressive: https://www.bbc.com/news/entertainment-arts-50403561

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To misquote Ian Dury, "Sex and Drugs and Double Gauge! Is all my brain and body need!"

Model train enthusiasts banzai!

RIP Bobby Bacala.

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zichi: sorry to hear about the prostate problems but just because you have an elevated PSA doesn't mean a lot. I think a lot of people go under the knife way, way too early. You had an MRI, right..at the very least. Just my 2 cents.

Am guessing that the article is about an aging rocker, so the readership likely consists of a lot of rockees. Awkward topic, unfortunate forum but life is short, gotta reach out sometime.

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@rainyday Thanks for the link. It is indeed pretty impressive!

Rod Stewart will always be Mr. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy


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