Rock band GLAY finishes US tour


Rock band GLAY on Sunday finished its US tour in Los Angeles. 3,100 fans attended the three concerts on the tour, organizers said.

GLAY started the tour in San Francisco on August 12 and also held concerts in LA on the 15th and 16th. Vocalist TERU, 37, said to fans at the end of Saturday's concert, “We'll be back.”

GLAY has previously held concerts in Beijing, China, and Hawaii. The US tour was held to mark the band's 15th anniversary of its debut and to try and break into the US market, according to the organizers of the tour.

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"3,100 fans attended the three concerts"

They must have played some tiny, hole-in-the-wall clubs.

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True, they may have played in tiny, hole-in-the-wall clubs, but that kind of venue is where the Beatles started. Not that I'm a fan in particular...

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something tells me Glay aren't going to do as well as the beatles.

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The Beatles weren't huge rock stars in England when they played those clubs in Germany; they were unknown.

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Around 5 years ago I saw The B'z play a club in Seattle for 400 people. Also saw Dreams Come True at a small theater, maybe 1,200 capacity. It's not an expensive venture for Japanese bands to play the US west coast. It's a nice vacation for the band, and it re-connects them with their fans living abroad. Yet I hesitate to call two towns a "tour"...

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I was at the show on the 15th, it was awesome they rocked the sh_t out of House of Blues, fans were going crazy .

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US Tour? Or should it be 5-day California trip?

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True, they may have played in tiny, hole-in-the-wall clubs, but that kind of venue is where the Beatles started.

true, but the business is on its way down, not up. the beatles led a massive expansion of live music and vinyl entertainment for baby boomers. still, it's good they got into HOB, that's at least a decent place to play. not like those old "shoes-sticking-to-the-carpet-from-all-the-spilled-beer" places...

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3 concerts with probably an audience consisting 90% Japanese nationals and 10% American guys trying to get laid. The US has plenty of no-talent, over-produced crap that producers churn out for 13-year-old teenyboppers. Who sing in English. So what are Glay thinking??

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these concerts were their very first venture in the west, and it's great that the Fillmore and the HOB were sold out - even if those are tiny places. How can someone be so stupid to think that being a huge band in Japan would mean they should play in huge venues in the U.S.? They haven't released anything outside Asia - in Japanese or in English -, they don't have significant tie-ins to anime, so it's not like they have to be famous out there. the band themselves said that they were going to play for the Japanese people living in the U.S., so if the majority of the attendance was Japanese it wasn't unexpected. However, people who were in the concerts said that a great part of the audiences were non-Japanese. it's not like the band is making a real attempt of making it into the U.S. market. I actually doubt that, since there's no U.S. release in sight. They are probably just trying things out, maybe they will just start playing concerts. They can come to Brazil, their show will be successful here too.
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That's already something:


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I saw the SF show at the Fillmore.. They rocked! Great entertainers !!.. I hope they come back to SF..

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I loved that the place is small for their concert here in LA. I don't understand a word they sing but they re very great entertainers and they rocked! I hope they come back next year like they said. I think it's a nice vacation for them ..to be able to play in a very tiny place again after became so big. And I don't think they do it for $$$ here and it must bring back the old memories of when they first started.

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