Rock keyboard pioneer Keith Emerson dead at 71 in possible suicide


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Another of the bright lights that illuminated my youth has gone out. RIP

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Killed by merciless Internet trolls. He was losing muscle control in his right hand, but on-line trolls relentlessly told him he was now a crap musician.

The Earth is a beautiful place; it's too bad humans have to soil it.

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It wasn't a 'possible' suicide, it was a real one. Sadly, because he was losing his finger control at the keyboard and didn't want to turn out to be a wreck. Karn Evil 9, all over again - 'welcome back my friends, to the show that never ends' - it's all a recording.

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I can close my eyes , get in my wayback machine & it's 1973 at M.S.G. & E.L.P. is shaking the very foundations of the building! Thanks for All the great contributions to Real Music!- as for adding the Sex Pistol's Rotten into this story i find that an insult to all who work at the craft musically day in, day out.

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RIP. All the people I use to listen to in high school are passing away..

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Another great talent is lost. It's been reported elsewhere that due to a nerve disease Emerson was only going to be able to play with 8 fingers and he became severely depressed about it.

"All I want is to play music."

How sad.

Rest in peace.

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Clearly, he was meant to be here, from the beginning.

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He was due to play some gigs in Japan later this year. RIP Sir!

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Is 2016 becoming the year music dies? RIP Keith Emerson, your talent and music will live on forever, and will continue to inspire musicians around the world.

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Greatest progressive keyboardist ever to walk this earth. Rest in Peace Keith!

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