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Rod Stewart accused of hitting security guard outside children's party


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The ex-singer of the Faces -- recognizable by his hoarse voice and blond mop of hair -- was charged with simple battery, a minor offense which is generally punishable by a fine.

This is zero punishment for Rod.

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Shouldn't Rod's kid be bringing his kid to the kids party LOL!!

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This is zero punishment for Rod.

This is true of all fines as punishment. The same fine can be nothing to a rich person, but life-destroying to a poor person. So it is essentially a free pass to break the law for the rich. Fines should be scaled with income. They already do this in Switzerland.

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So Stewart became violent when he was refused entry to a kids' party with his 39 year old son?

That's weird on so many levels.

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Its SIR Rod Stewart!

Show some respect!!

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It’s not like he killed anyone by driving at speed on the wrong side of the road.

Just send him home.

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A combative, belligerent type with a chip on his shoulder might want to snide comments about certain national dispositions and tendencies towards violence.

As an Englishman, I shall refrain....

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"recognizable by his hoarse voice and blond mop of hair..."

That's not how I recognize him. Blonde hair is nothing new...that nose and cheeks is what makes him stand out.

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Regular behavior from a decadent arrogant faded fame artist..

Pathetic ..

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Of course! He is a lush!

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Loud mouth, arrogant ex singer

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LamillyToday 05:46 am JSTLoud mouth, arrogant ex singer

He's still putting out music, even now. Unlike Elton John and Fleetwood Mac and the pseudo-'Eagles' band who keep on gouging baby boomers + yuppies with their stupid $600/ticket tours playing songs from when I was just a kid. And none of the above listed have put out anything notable for nearly 30 years or more.

Maybe Rod ain't so sexy now. As for the 'arrogant' part, can't say because I never met the guy.

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