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Rod Stewart banks $100 million for song catalog: report


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I don't understand all this, but if it keeps the legacy of Sir Rod, Bruce and the others alive then so be it.

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$100 million, that will come in handy to pay for all of his kids upkeep haha

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And ex wives and girlfriends

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Brian WhewayToday  02:39 am JST

And ex wives and girlfriends

He got a lovely lady (he always gets the foxey chicks - some guys DO get all the luck!) about my age preggers about 20 years ago, they got married and it looks like with that Sir Rod has quit his gigolo ways for good. They have stuck together and raised a daughter who is now grown up. As for before and beyond that, I dunno. He's had a very long stellar career and all this dough will provide a nest egg fershure.

If nothing else it should keep his legacy alive in the future. And with all the poppy puke on the stupid media, serious contenders in the music business can look back at and get inspired by the real stars like Sir Rodney and the others. My guestimate.

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