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Ryoko Yonekura takes a bullet in 'The Negotiator'


Actress Ryoko Yonekura is back as detective Reiko Usanagi in TV Asahi’s drama special “The Negotiator” to be shown on Feb 28 at 9 p.m. Yonekura, 33, starred in a special for the drama back in January last year, in which she played the lone female member of a special investigation team.

This time she is called back into action as kidnappings take place simultaneously in five separate locations and a ransom of over 10 billion yen is demanded. Yonekura’s Usanagi takes a bullet in the opening sequence which took two days to film and involved 200 extras and a dozen police cars.

The scene is reminiscent of one which late actor Yusaku Matsuda played in popular crime drama “Taiyo ni hoero!” or “Bark at the Sun,” when his character - the “jeans detective” - died.

Yonekura said she did her best and tried not to be shy about her character’s writhing in pain. “It was my first time to play someone getting shot, and there were many other things I hadn’t done before. I had a great time on set,” she said.

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That is a depressing photo.

"involved 200 extras and a dozen police cars"

Asahi TV should be applauded for giving the police something useful to do.

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I wonder if Samuel L Jackson will have something to say about them using the title 'The Negotiator?'

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I saw the TV spot for that last night. Her reaction when shot actually had me in stitches, laughing at the TV. Looks like it could be a good comedy.

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Uh, actually Eiddie Murphy was a negotiator in "Metro"...

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