S Korean boy band BIGBANG rocks in Japan


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I LOVE Big Bang! wish I could be there : ( any chance of them coming to America sometime? I just know they would blow people away, they're that awesome! Peace -< Love<3

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Japan: always a good place to judge what music is popular, if not particularly of much substance.

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"boy band" and "rock" should never be used in the same sentence. EVER!

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Strom - they've been to the U.S. and played big stadiums (whether they sold out the stadiums is another story).

Ikkoikki - How would you define music of "much substance"? Does everyone have to sing about war, poverty, teenage angst?

sighclops - There was a boy band called "The Beatles" who rocked. And how dare I compare Big Bang with the Beatles you might be thinking? Well, BB don't rock, they POP.

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What is the difference between rap and hip-hop?

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There was a boy band called "The Beatles" who rocked.

They didn't rock until after they were no longer boys.

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Band is used for labeling Rock & Roll artist not Pop artists...(I think so anyway). I think the term GROUP is more fitting. I liked some BB songs but now they gotten worse in my opinion. Older versions of their songs were ok.

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At this point, anything and anybody that promotes goodwill between the two countries is a good thing.

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God will, hahahahaha, what a joke, they dont promote good will, K-pop is tool for Korean pride , their mission, to beat J-music and to dominate in Asia , they want to make something that Americans did, whole world listen American music, while other music get marginalized ,and Korea is trying the same, to make first whole Asia only to listen them, and with that, to totally push away Japan music, not only to push from Asia, but from rest of the world too , for instance,in Europe when you want to buy J-music, you can often find that majority of albums are instead K-pop albums , but Japan version , so, real Japan music get pushed like that . There is huge propaganda war that Korea started long time ago against Japan, and K-music together with their dramas and movies are one of the main tools .

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Yes, but that was a band with instruments and, you know, actual musical talent.

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Big Bang? That's that Gundam Style band, right? I love their other song, What Does the Fox Say?

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Sighclops, the computer and synthesizers are musical instruments. As for musical talent, they are entertainers, not musicians. I play the triangle, henceforth I shall be referred to as a musician.

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S Korea give the world BIGBANG whereas Japan gives the world Ishihara, no contest realy is it?

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Reading Nenad Jovanović's comment, it reminds me of "Cool Japan".

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@chucky3176 And your comments are pure VANK Korea propaganda, while hiding behind national symbol of Japan

@govabe Japan gave Visual Kei , Idol , and Anime music , Kuary Pamyu Pamyu , Perfume, Kalafina, ONE OK ROCK, The Gazette , Gackt , Namie Amuro, Ayumi Hamasaki, Hikaru Utada , Girugamesh

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@chucky3176 And your comments are pure VANK Korea propaganda, while hiding behind national symbol of Japan

I think everyone here pretty much knows this. Only people from an insecure, inferiority-ridden culture like Korea stoop this low to come to a Japanese news site just to do this.

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So Korean boybands who are successful in parts of Asia are a tool for Korean propaganda? That statement itself sounds like propaganda to me.

X-Japan was hugely popular in Korea in the 90s and sold out entire stadiums, but would you also say that was Japanese propaganda? Ridiculous.

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... and I can guarantee that none of the members would have any idea how to use one. Big pop groups these days have entire teams of songwriters & producers spamming out "songs" for the performers. All they do is mime on stage...

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@Mr. Daly

Big Bang? That's that Gundam Style band, right? I love their other song, What Does the Fox Say?

I thought it was a TV show?

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