S Korea firm unveils K-pop band with limitless members


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A desperate, final campaign before the so-called "Korean Wave" breathes its last dying breath. Oh, well.

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Finally! NOW I can get behind K-pop.

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Clearly a company that doesn't understand the "more is not always better".

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oh great all Japan needs now is an export version of AKB48

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It sounds like he's trying to take over the world lol. Still excited, Super Junior and Shinee are pretty good so maybe this weird concept group will be good too...

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There are already official AKB48 units in countries like China. Weird the article didn't say it. This guy is copying completely that business model.

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Alex80, normally people copy successful businesses, not failed ones.

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Papi2013: Alex80, normally people copy successful businesses, not failed ones.

I thought most new businesses fail. And how many of them are not copies? Think restaurants, balloon and gift wrapping shops, etc.

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