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Sam Mendes: It's time for a new James Bond director


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Its not a democracy until viewers vote with their money.

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Well, there is talk of a new Bond, of new ethnicity, gender and even sexual orientation, so why not a new director?

If the original formula works - as Brosnan once said, 'Drive the car, get the girl, save the world' - then, need I even finish the sentence?

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Sam Mendes: It's time for a new James Bond director

Can't say I disagree. Spectre's whole cast looked tired, especially the normally amazing Christopher Waltz.

Idris Elba would really rejuvenate the franchise.

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If they go with Idris Elba it will be for one reason and one reason only. I admire him as an actor but NOT as James Bond!! ...and not a woman either!! Lets have at least some resemblance to the Bond, Flemming had in mind folks!!

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Would love to see a Christopher Nolan or J.J. Abrams version of bond.

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I was thinking Tim Burton.

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I was thinking Tim Burton.

That would definitely make for an interesting spin.

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Kirk Lazarus will be a shoo in for the next Bond.

Academy Award winner: Check.

Multi-ethnic appeal: Double-check.
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Can't the PC crowd leave any area un-sterilized in their image? A black 007 is as stupid as a white Shaft. Hey, let's have a Muslim Bond. Just make a new charracter for gods sake.

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I think Nicholas Hoult would be really good as the next Bond.

The media have been suggesting Tom Hiddleston as a front runner but he doesn't look the part at all IMHO.

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" Lets have at least some resemblance to the Bond, Flemming had in mind folks!!"

It might be a bit of a slippery slope following too closely along with Fleming's books. The character frequently appears in an unfavourable light when compared with modern attitudes on misogyny and race. I think it's fairly widely held that Ian Fleming was a pretty awful human being with some misanthropic opinions.

I'm sure most would agree that the books and the films are different animals.

Having said that, I'm quite certain that the next Bond will be a white male, I mean, remember the reaction when Daniel Craig was cast just because he was a blonde?

Idris Elba , or even an actor like Paterson Joseph would be great in the role, but I can't see that they'd have a serious shot at it.

Anyone sceptical about Tom Hiddleston need only watch the recently made TV series of John Le Carre's 'The night manager' to be put at ease.

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why not give it to the crew from marvel and they can turn Bond into a big comedy as well?

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Tom Hardy gets my vote. But I hear he is too busy. pity.

Also lets have the next Bond be less flash and more bang.

By that I mean zero ridiculous stunts and more of a thinking mans storyline.

Also...Sick of seeing Craig getting the stuffing kicked out of him in every scene only to be 100% fit in the next.

One more thing...why does he (almost) always work alone? A storylne involving a number of 00 agents would be pretty coooooool. Then we can have all the Elba' Hoult' Hiddleston' in one movie.

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Tom Hardy would be an awesome Bond.

He's cool, charismatic and very tough.

But IMHO... well... we've just had a very tough Bond.

Now, how about a different type of Bond?

How about a very dapper Bond, where style and fashion are emphasized... a Bond who kills the bad guys with elegance...

A return, dare I say it, to a more Roger Moore-ish type of Bond...

I think Nicholas Hoult could be ideal...

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Spectre was awful Good riddance

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Hope Daniel Craig continues as 007. Many knew little about him and doubted his selection, but he has turned out to be one of the best Bond actors.

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And stick closer to the Bond in the Books, plus remake most movies with Moore based on the same named Books like Moonraker, etc.

Granted 'The Spy who loved me' was a tad boring read. Personally I liked Brosnan as Bond.

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