Sam Smith cancels Japan gigs over vocal hemorrhage


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It is better to cancel and for fans to get their money back than having the concert, sounding bad and fans get nothing.

I had it happen twice in the 90s at Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill concerts. Mariah had no voice and Lauryn had a scratchy voice so they both depended on their background singers to do most of the show.

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I'm sad it was really hard to get those tickets too. I feel sorry for people who booked hotels etc for the event.

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He is very young and really needs to take care of his vocal cords (obviously) although I've never heard him sing. Bon Scott used to gargle a mix of red wine and honey everyday....apparently. Try imitating Bon and you'll rip your throat out so there must had been some merit to his concoction.

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That sounds awfully painful. I wish him a quick and full recovery. Perhaps he needs to take a lighter schedule on a permanent basis to keep the vocal cords from flaring up again.

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Glad both T. Swift and K. Perry shows were successful here in Japan.

Sam Smith ain't all that talented & he certainly didn't deserve all those awards he received in LA last yr. Heck, he wasn't even mobbed the previous time he arrived at Narita.

Oh & the venue he was scheduled to perform in?? Shinkiba Studio- something or other. . . . 2,000 max capacity? Gimme a break-

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Wc626, agree with you on the venue. The concert was booked a year ago before he became famous. The tickets are like 6000yen each and with his status now no way with that price. it is better to cancel the concert and pay the penalty and do it again next time with a better payout. I didn't make this up, by the way.

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I hope you aren't saying the tix will be priced higher than ¥6,000 next time.

The dude can sing, but imo he's just way too overrated. Not very entertaining and animated compared to, to . . .Oh, Lets say, B. mars.

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