Sanma, Tamori, Takeshi to co-host NTV comedy specials


Comedians Sanma Akashiya, 53, Tamori, 63, and Beat Takeshi, 63, who are called the “Big 3” in the entertainment industry, will co-host special programs on NTV in November to mark the network's 55th anniversary. The three will host three different variety programs respectively Nov 28-30.

According to NTV, the three are organizing their own programs. Sanma will take questions from viewers, Tamori will look at unsolved mysteries, while Takeshi will examine social issues in his own inimitable way. Each program will be aired at 9 p.m. and run for 150 minutes.

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Sounds like good fun!

I'll have to find some way to watch ~

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3 great chances to watch a film, read a good book, or just go out... 450 minutes of dross on the goggle box.

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150 minutes. Hmmm. If they cut them down to 60 minutes, they might be worth watching. At 150, we're going to get a lot of diarrhea of the mouth. (Especially from Sanma). In fact, they should cut them down to 55 minutes to mark NTV's 55th anniversary. And if Takeshi is going to social issues while Tamori is going to look at unsolved mysteries and Sanma is going to talk - can they really be classified as 'comedy' specials?

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I'm waiting for Tamori to find out that it's actually not cool wearing sunglasses all the time. I think the "sunglasses at night/wearing them indoors" thing died out when Miami Vice was cancelled.

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Japan's very own "rat pack." Clearly all three with one foot in the grave. I wish them the best of luck, I'll be watching the latest "ist" awards...

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I think Tamori has something wrong with one of his eyes, that's why he always wears glasses. Having said that, the abovementioned 3 have never made me laugh. Overrated and unfunny, with a trained audience to laugh on cue, yes, it is movies for me!

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Oh for sure I won't watch this. They've been etched on the conscious screen of people here so many times I think they must see them when they look in the mirror in the morning. And sooooooooooo funny all of them. Why can't there be a women trio to join them, maybe headed by Yamada Kuniko, Wada Akiko and the like? It would be so much better!

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Be ready to hear Eeeeeee only from the audience. Very sorry and waste of air time. Nothing like American TV full of movies and real fun entertaiment.

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