Satisfaction! Rolling Stones rock Paris with surprise gig


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wud have been cool to be there!

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“I hope I can move as well as Mick and be as enthusiastic when I am his age,” he said of the 69-year-old front man.

The eternal bad boys of rock. Kind of gives new meaning to the number 69.

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I'm glad they haven't opted for cosmetic surgery. I'm not a fan of 30-year-old hair on a 70-year-old face as Mick has, but as far as enhancing one's looks goes, it's no biggie. I'd've liked to have been there too.

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The eternal bad boys of rock. Kind of gives new meaning to the number 69

noripinhead - My 13 year-old nephew called. he wants his humour back. "oooo. 69! I just have to make a comment about the sexual position!!"

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He hose lighten up man hahaha

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They did that back in the 60's and early 70's. Surprise gigs under a different name in small clubs. Went to a few in a club in Oxford St, London. Can't remember the name now, but they were some of the best gigs with just a few hundred people, like a private party.

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Keep on rolling forever! Such a wonderful group that roll and roll and rolling.....................

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@zichi. Yes! I went to one of those in London in 1968, Clodagh Rodgers and Marianne Faithfull were there too (but no Mars Bars).

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Rock on, guys, rock on!

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Heh. Their song "(I can't get no) Satisfaction" leads off a new game called "Rocksmith". It's the first song you play in the game. Rocksmith? If you're familiar with Guitar Hero®, then think, "Guitar Hero, but with a real guitar and you're really playing."

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Grrr I hate not being able to edit. I didn't want that to sound like an ad, but did it anyway. The point I wanted to make in regards to this article is that their music is STILL relevant even to today's kids. There are kids today who will be "cutting their rock and roll teeth" on "Satisfaction".

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I want the Stones to give a concert at a small Tokyo venue for just 1,500 yen.

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zichi - that'll be the 100 Club in Oxford Street. I saw loads of punk gigs there back in the day. Paul McCartney pulled a surprise gig there too about 15 years ago.

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I recommend the Stones to give do several gigs at the Budokan, for 1,500 yen per ticket.

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