Sayuri Yoshinaga reveals secret to staying in shape in her 60s


Actress Sayuri Yoshinaga, 67, revealed one of her secrets for staying in shape -- she performs 30 press-ups every evening.

Yoshinaga, who recently resumed filming her latest movie "Kita no Kanariatachi" in Hokkaido, attended a press conference this week to discuss the role. She revealed that she is called upon to perform some physical scenes in the movie, such as crawling up a 20-meter chimney, Sports Nipppon reported. To keep in condition for the role, she told reporters she was performing 30 press-ups every evening in her hotel room.

Another scene called for her to run down a rocky slope to a beach. "I'm short-sighted, so I couldn't really see what I was walking on," Yoshinaga said. "That was probably for the best, as it meant I wasn't scared."

She said she doesn't know how many more movies she has left in her. "I'm just enjoying making one screen memory at a time."

"Kita no Kanaritachi" is scheduled for release on Nov 3.

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She performs 30 press-ups every evening, eh? I'm guessing that's British for push-ups. And wow! I can barely do 30 good push-ups any more, lol.

"Another scene called for her to run down a rocky slope"

Climbing up and down Mt. Fuji is good training for that.

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yeah, what is a press-up?

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Rats, I was hoping it was going to be cigarettes and gin tonics.

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In Japan, when women do press-ups, I think their knees are permitted to stay in contact with the floor so it's not all that strenuous. Keeps the backs of their arms from forming furi-sode (flab), so not a bad thing at all. Yoshinaga is a class act.

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She does look very good for her age, and is a great actress. Looking forward to her new film.

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she told reporters she was performing 30 press-ups every evening in her hotel room.

That's some improvement from the usual "my hobbies include rock climbing, surfing, paragliding, diving etc." which most "talent" usually respond with but in reality means they've done such activity only once.

I'm still not convinced this actress does these exercises regularly (to stay in shape) as she clearly states that she does them in her hotel room, not her living, dining room or gym. Anyway, good job!

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Don't believe it, where's the pic, JT ??

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"press-ups, push ups," don't Americans use dictionaries?

-5 ( +1 / -6 )

"press-ups, push ups," don't Americans use dictionaries?

Yeah, that's the thing. To THIS American, a "press-up" is performing the exercise from a handstand position. A "press-up" works a different set of muscles than a "push-up".

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Yoshinaga looks great at 67.

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Fadamor - there you go, it's in the dictionary.

press-up: British term for pushup.

pushup: an exercise in which a person lies facing the floor and, keeping their back straight, raises their body by pressing down on their hands.

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With all respect, 30 press-(push) ups do little to keep you in shape. A bit more is needed. But I do like Yoshinaga:-)

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