Scarlett Johansson stands by Woody Allen: 'I believe him'


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So many allegations out there with no real proof. If there is no real proof, I neither believe nor disbelieve.....cause I have no proof either way! Its so simple, yet most people can't get it for some reason. I guess the reason is they WANT to believe something to badly to be sensible.

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"Match Point" and "Vicky Cristina Barcelona" were two incredible movies, easily the best of Woody's "current era" and among the best of Johansson's career.

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True, none of us can know what actually happened or didn't happen. Those who back Mia Farrow's claims of the abuse of her daughter by Allen know no more than Scarlett does, but they're the ones who feel they have the moral momentum, even though there's no proof, massive division as to the "facts" within the family itself, and investigators have concluded there aren't enough grounds for a prosecution.

Accusation doesn't equal guilt, and the too-often accepted notion that it does is the dark side of the #MeToo movement. At least Scarlett Johansson has made the praiseworthy decision to make her own mind up and not to join the lynch mob.

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@BigYen What you missed is that with the nearly dozen people in the house at the time, including other adopted children, their three friends, the babysitters of both groups and a French tutor, everyone has a different story, and while some stories come out against Allen, others contradict and so come out in Allen's favor. Plus Mia Farrow does seem rather vindictive and attempting to manipulate the facts and the testimony of Dylan. But what is not being said is that some people support the idea that women have some sort of right to be vindictive and manipulate facts and so jump on Mia's bandwagon immediately.

But I feel the need to repeat that none of this means I think it did or did not happen, merely that there is not evidence to know.

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know no more than Scarlett does,

She knows nothing so why is she talking ? It's the same woman that showed up at an event with a speech from Weinstein's accusors wearing a Marquesa dress (Weinstein's brand that he was forcing actresses to wear at premieres) saying "What if I like the style of the dress ?". She is a really toxic celeb that tries to steal the show by meddling in other's dramas.

the nearly dozen people in the house at the time, including other adopted children, their three friends, the babysitters of both groups and a French tutor, everyone has a different story, 

As Ronan Farrow puts it, everybody agrees on the core story : "My father got married with my sister.".

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His affair with Soon-Yi Previn was a step enough too far to sink him. Cherypicking from among your own adopted children? That was sordid enough. The world would not end without his movies.

Personally, I think he went passed his best, and the joke got old, a long time ago and now it's just 'Woody Allen doing a Woody Allen movie; and having the actors irritatingly act out his neurotic self.

Was Farrow the first to have one of those celebrity "United Nations/charity" families?

Then I'd add to the equation the risk of liberal idealism gone sour. And all the legal shenanigans and money wrestling that followed suggests very sour indeed.

Epstein, Weinstein, Polanksi, Allen, even Johansson. We're kind of developing a certain unfortunate theme here against all statistical probability and that's just the tip of the iceberg.

Hollywood really needs to broaden its gene pool, and not by dating your own children.

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