Scarlett Johansson tops Forbes best-paid actress list for second year


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This is inaccurate. Maybe the don’t want to place Beyoncé on the list. However, she received $59 Million from Netflix to do her documentary. She also received close to $25 Million from Disney to voice Nala in the Lion King. That makes her dwarf Scarlet Johansson.

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she received $59 Million from Netflix to do her documentary

If this earned her a place on the highest-paid ACTRESS list, it wouldn't be much a documentary

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Scarlett Johansson is a good actor. Is she the best? Depends on what kind of films you like, I guess.

Thought she was excellent in Under the Skin.

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I think I have done very well, but I am not on any list and that is good as I am out of the public eye.

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Good luck to them all, oh to be a dollar behind them, sigh.

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You would think with all that money, she could afford some hand soap.

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And to think that Scarlett Johansson became famous starting here in Japan: "Lost in Translation".

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These are the millionaires telling us how to live and think.

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These are the millionaires telling us how to live and think.

Still nothing compared to the billionaires telling us how to live and think, lol

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I kinda like her. I saw this god-awful movie “Sarah” that would have been even worse had she not been in it.

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Lots of money and lots of husbands.

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If the same 20 actors and actresses are making movies in Hollywood, how could they not be the highest paid celebrities?? If roles were given to other up and coming new actors, sure the numbers will be a lot lower.

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