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Schwarzenegger admits to multiple affairs


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"He also admitted he had a habit of living “in denial” and keeping secrets, including not telling Shriver that he was going to run for governor until days before he announced it, and trying to conceal having heart surgery from her.That’s the way I handle things. And it always has worked. But, I mean it does not—it’s not the best thing for people around me because I sometimes—some information I just keep to myself,” he told the CBS show “60 Minutes.”“So I became an expert in living in denial"

Arnie! I love the guy but instead of the above he should just say "I'm a lying scumbag who does anything to get what I want". He always has been like that. Nobody who knows Arnold is surprised by any of this.

But if you want to know how about having and achieving goals, he's the man to teach you.

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Maria Shriver to Arnie: Did you ever have sex with any other women?

Arnie: Yeah, but they were all gorgeous little sexpots.

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He got his secret child at 50's ! Congrat man

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I bet his love child appreciates being called the stupidest thing he ever did..."Thanks Dad, I love you too"

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@sensei. I was wondering about the boy's feelings too.

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Entertaining in and out of the cinema. Must've been hard for Quaid, er, Arnie to resist the hoards of women throwing themselves at him all these years. Haven't seen the recent remake of Total Recall, but it will be incomplete without some of the classic lines of the original...

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A few brave man indeed.living in denial and keeping his multiple love affairs secret . But when confronted. Brave enough to admit and submit his man nature wrongdoing.

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"He got his secret child at 50's ! Congrat man"

I've a sneaking suspicion that if it were Maria Shriver who'd had an affair that produced a child, secret or otherwise, people wouldn't be so quick to congratulate her with winks, nods, and high fives for her verility. They would more likely be flinging unflattering epithets like "slut" or "whore."

It baffles me that in this day and age, people -- well, guys, to be honest -- still think it's cool to cling to these sexist double standards as they congratulate a man for destroying a marriage and a family, feats one shouldn't be particularly proud of.

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The Infidelinator.

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He calls having a child "the stupidest thing he ever did"! I do hope the poor child concerned never reads that. Delightful man.

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he scored Red Sonya, Arnie, you lucky dog.

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Living in Denial worked well for Tiger Woods..... it was only after he was caught that his game deteriorated.

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Well, with all the drugs he took over the years, this denial response had to be expected..

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