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Schwarzenegger and Shriver divorce final after 10 years


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Wow…where has the time gone

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marriage is officially over

That’s right. Terminated.

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Handled with a modicum of mutual decorum and decency. A rarity once lawyers get involved.

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When you are rich enough, it is easy to live separate and separated lives- not so for most people. Kinda wish that Maria had taken Arnie to the cleaners. He is a true scumbag to carry on an affair, father a child, and try to keep it hidden.

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He will be back.

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The first big story of the new year!!!

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fxgaiDec. 31, 2021  07:10 pm JST

marriage is officially over

That’s right. Terminated.

That's where his autobiography ends at. He admitted that fathering a child out of wedlock was the stupidest thing he ever did, but he did secretly provide child support. When word of it came out, the GOP turned their backs on him, but many there thought he was too 'moderate' as a Governator anyway. That was their 'excuse' for deserting him.

> englisc aspyrgendJan. 1  02:52 am JST

Handled with a modicum of mutual decorum and decency. A rarity once lawyers get involved.

In the book he praised other 'hard working' successful enterprenuers and he cited Donald Trump as one example. The book was written when Obama was President. That opinion would change in a few years. You should see his video messages after the Charlottesville riots and the Jan. 6 2021 coup attempt.

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Who knew he's such a douche

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Due to Schwarzenegger having publicly made fun of Trump, any mention of him instantly triggers the Trumpets instinctual need to prove their virtue by into signalling their hatred of him.

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