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Schwarzenegger takes a 'Stand' in new film, with cue from Eastwood


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Strange it doesn't mention Clint Eastwood's Gran Torino movie of 2008. Now that is a movie worth emulating.

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This reminds me of Stallone's movie "Cop Land" where he played a ... you guessed it... sheriff in a ...you guessed it... small town.

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Good to see Arnie back in the film business, hopefully he can have a long and fulfilling career like the legend Clint has had. It'll be interesting to see how that Conan film turns out and if he reprises his role in another Terminator movie.

No one can stand in for Arnold in Conan....they should have waited !!

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I d like to see Swarzenegger and Eastwood in a Patriot movie making a last stand against the growing tryranny in the government, resisting gun confiscation, etc. Now that is one EVERYONE would want to watch. but of course it will never happen....

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I always liked Schwarzenegger. He had some really good ones, and some dumb ones but they were always fun. He has a sense of humor.

Never got into Stallone.

I wonder how an aging Conan will be.

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IMHO, best Stallone movie, "Demolition Man". Best Schwarzenegger movie, "Kindergarten Cop". Best movie involving both, a tie between "Demolition Man" (gently poking fun at Schwarzenegger's Governorship by mentioning "the Schwarzenegger Presidential Library") and "The Last Action Hero" (with Stallone billed as the star of "Terminator 2" in the video store cardboard ad and the kid saying, "No! It's not possible!).

"It'z NOT a too-mah!"

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Shamelessly entertaining"

Sounds good!

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The movie has had some awful reviews, but I'll watch it because it's Arnie.

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You know I saw the movie last Saturday and I liked it, it is a fun movie. It is one of those action comedy summer flicks you see.

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