Schwarzenegger talks about age -- and being back as Terminator


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OMG. He still thinks he has a "Studly Body." It is to LAUGH! https://s-media-cache-ak0.pinimg.com/236x/67/00/30/670030e2904dbd3552a53802ba950b53.jpg

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I'm more interested in the Conan sequel than the new Terminator movie.

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theyre really bending over backwards to keep this franchise alive.....

the story had two movies worth of material, max. either you stop Judgemnet Day or you don't. keeping rehashing the same story is just sad.

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The trailer looks so "meh" to me but let see if the movie is a blow up your mind with rewinding and reset all the story of the previous Terminator. Only wish James Cameron back to direct Terminator....but I'm looking forward to see Battle Angel!

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The third Terminator movie was awesome. Arnold still kicks a**. There's just no other actor like him.

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Well you guys were warned as he did said 'I'll be back'.

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Terminator meets Game of Thrones. Awesome.

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I like the scene in the trailer where Arnold says "I'll be back," then jumps out of the chopper, lol

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Terminator meets Game of Thrones. Awesome. what is the Game of Thrones link? Personally i think that both the Terminator franchise and the Gubernator doing action roles should give it up now.

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Studly? Nah, but in pretty good shape. But how is his duration?

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I liked him better when he was the Republican Governor of CA- LoL.

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The Game of Thrones link is that the actress playing Sarah Connor (Emilia Clarke) in this movie has a very significant role in the Game of Thrones TV series. Apologies for those that haven't seen the latter, but it's highly rated.

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