Scorsese's 'Hugo," silent 'Artist' top Oscar nominations


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Personally enjoyed Hugo very much, and found it as a great introduction into the true art of film. I haven't seen The Artist yet, also hoping to see The Tree of Life soon.

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There's an interesting contrast between the top nominees, Hugo and The Artist. Hugo is on the cutting edge of movie technology, championing what James Cameron says it the best use of 3D to date. The Artist meanwhile is completely on the other end, foregoing 3D, color, and sound.

I haven't seen either but I do hope Hugo does well. 3D is too often associated with story light, effects heavy films, or worse yet, post production 3D conversions. Hugo seems to show that 3D is indeed a worthy artistic tool to have in the chest of a good film maker. Like anything it can be used well or used poorly, it is only what the director makes of it.

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