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Screen icons headed for blockbuster Cannes festival


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I wonder how many of those people have houses there. Or yachts.

Thank you JT - don’t need to know any more.

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Ford looks amazing for his age!

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Wow, I genuinely thought that was an old photo of him at first.

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Cannes and the surrounding area is quite beautiful, and cycling along coast is a wonderful pleasure. The food is also amazing, the fruits and vegetables grow quite large in the Mediterranean climate.

The only annoying time is when the show dogs crowd the airport in Nice with their private jets, fill up the ports with their yachts, give themselves awards for how well they can write and read fiction, and, as their jets and yachts are idling, complain about how “the world is burning” from climate change.

They should move their self-congratulatory orgy to New Jersey, where they would fit in better.

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Cannes is a good festival, even in these ridiculous woke times where to win an Oscar you have to have an underrepresented person in a lead or key role to qualify. The short queer Western film sounds good. Harrison Ford looks good because he plays tennis, which keeps you young and spry. It looks like a star studded event and I wish it continued success. Of only Japanese city offices would get their acts together Japan could have a great film festival. Cinema is so important here but is underrepresented despite featuring underrepresented races in all they key roles. Two thumbs down to Japanese government's handling of cinematic culture. Two thumbs up to the French and Cannes. Pass the popcorn!

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