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Sean 'Diddy' Combs accused of sexual abuse by two more women


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See how much nonsense this 1 year law to “get” one person has caused?

half the lawsuits have been by prison inmates, most of the rest questionable claims against Black men with money.

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Got to pay to play Diddy!

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Over 30 years ago....


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RedemptionToday  10:23 am JST

Got to pay to play Diddy!

It's karma time, Diddy-O.

> Leo TToday  12:09 pm JST

Over 30 years ago....


Rape is a tool of fear, power, domination, EGO. And the evidence is piling up. Most victims are scared to come forth but when more come up, it's clear that all these allegations by people who don't know each other is no smear campaign.

64+ women on Bill Cosby, how many on Harvey Weinstein, R Kelly, Gary Glitter, Rolf Harris, and Trump the Chump got convicted on one case.

And rapists never stop at one victim or incident. They get 'cocky' (no pun intended here) as they keep on doing it because they keep thinking they'll get away with it. They get conceited and sometimes boastful about it.

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He diddy!

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What can you expect??..

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The entire hip-hop and rap scene is centered around crime. It glorifies it, glamorizes it, and consequently contributes to it.

Research has shown repeatedly that young people who regularly listen to that music are much more prone to substance abuse and violence.

For instance:


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