Sean Penn: a Hollywood rebel with many causes


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Oh, to be like Sean Penn, to do what every your heart becomes set on - and get away with it.

I wonder if he will ever get to play the President of the United States (for instance I notice Kevin Spacey is coming up on his second gig at it).

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SP is an arrogant a whole. El Chapo is pee d off that SP and Costillogot him arrested. Just watch, they are going to find sp with no head floating in San Pablo bay and costillo working with donkeys in a tj brothel

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He is widely viewed as one of the finest actors and directors of the day.


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Sean Penn showed great promise in Fast Times at Ridgemont High.

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At least he lived where he helped, I'd give him that, instead of fly-by-night here-today gone-tomorrow

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He has my respect.

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Credit is where credit is due, he does a lot for charity, not everyone is perfect.

I liked him as the gangster in Gangster Squad btw.

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He talks a good game about doing things for charity, but he accomplishes nothing at all. It is all publicity to him. He beats up women to make himself feel more like a man. And he is a lousy actor, same rubbish from him all the time. I hope he goes to jail for this, the big jerk.

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...three words... eight counting these... 'AT CLOSE RANGE'.

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Sean Penn: a Hollywood rebel with many causes

A Rebel? How can Penn be a rebel when just about everyone in Hollywood agrees with him?

A week after the devastating 2010 earthquake in Haiti, Penn moved there. Living in a tiny tent, a Glock gun at his side for security

I do not see any reason why a Hollywood liberal would need a gun! Isn't it the governments job to protect him from harm? I guess he thinks the right to self defense only applies to movie stars.

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Penn is a fine actor. His politics are ok, but I don't particularly like the manner of his use of celebrity to further the causes he likes. I prefer the way Clooney and Dipcaprio and Damon come off. Penn seems pretty full of himself, like Cruz. Depp is a strange due. Clooney and Decaprio and Damon seem like nice guys. Plus, Damon is a big supporter of teachers, which is really good.

I know. I know. They are good actors. But that is the public image they have created.

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