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Second chance: Faded K-pop star competes for comeback

By Kang Jin-kyu

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Not sure what age has to do with it. Plenty of artists still making great music in later life.

Pop music is target to the young. The older you get the more likely you are to expand your musical tastes and not get caught up in trends and youth fashions. It’s simple really. In general a 15 year old does not readily identify with someone twice their age.

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Corporate controlled music. Time for another punk revolution.

One of the punk bands, I think it was the Stranglers, put the chords on the jacket or inner sleeve of their record to encourage their fans to make their own music. It was later, but Captain Sensible of the Damned put the chords to Smash it Up on the inner sleeve of the Machine Gun Etiquette LP.

The chords and full tabs and Youtube tutorials of a very large chunk of pop and rock music are now sitting there for us to learn from on the Internet. If you want to be a performer, there is absolutely no need to get some manufactured pop factory to tell you how to do it their way. No need at all. The audience may not be as big, but you can do it yourself your way.

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K-Poop, J-Poop? Pass me a bucket.

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Its a real horror show that industry, nobody in their right mind should contemplate trying to make a career in K Pop (or J pop for that matter, which has a similar business model).

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No talent = no career

If fans don't follow up, it means one has no talent.

Since all are a mass product with no individuality, there are forgettable.

Could Celine Dion dance on her head or flip, not relevant.

Mickael Jackson neither.

Those singers or any other lasting career ones had too much brain to do that.

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Just walk away, return to higher education, leverage the insatiable instinct to succeed, pursue another career. The motivation that led to years of intense training and ruthless competition, could be redirected into Law, IT, Medicine or Politics.

There is world of choices. Sing and dance in the shower.

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I am sorry but I DO NOT feel sorry for these boys & girls who try to become idols in Japan or Korea, they are the same management wise, in other words the managers control EVERYTHING, this is not a secret.

If you are young & have the ""dream"" to be an idol......you should know better, if you still want to go for it....try for I would say 2yrs max, if you are NOT in a group making serious $$$$ for your managers then QUIT, get the hell OUT & move on.

Chalk it up trying & let it fade into the past QUICKLY!

In my opinion both K&J Pop is a cesspool best avoided, if you wanna jump in its on YOU!!!

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She’s already in her 30s.

Not sure what age has to do with it. Plenty of artists still making great music in later life.

Corporate controlled music. Time for another punk revolution.

Most music is corporate controlled these days. If you mean a return to DIY style - sure, why not? There's always room for the smaller bands and underground DJs, dance music, electronica and suchlike.

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Corporate controlled music. Time for another punk revolution.

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A few facts. This a mass industry that creates a mass product. Talent has little to with it. Such an agency will desugn a concept for a new group depending on the future expectations of a not to demanding public.

mostly that means that group members are selected according to them being the best suited for the group. In most cases for a girls group that means they must be pretty or cute, hight is a selection modus as is weight. Willingness to dress conform the groups intended image and to show just enough and not too much.

dancing skills limited to ancient choreografies( in Japan same moves since 60’s mostly), in Korea a bit better) and singing talents of no consequence except for 1 or 2 band members.

many of the girls are naïf, many know exactly what they get into and willing to pay the price.

The “ i am the poor victim “ routine is mostly a pose BUT there are real victims and for those things can become quickly unbearable.

it is clear that no individuality or strong opinions are tolerated by the agency which needs to control, seen from their perspective, every last detail. They are selling a consumer fast-food product, expensive to make, with a short shelve life. For one successful group they have invested in 20 failures or part failures.

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JYP is one company that appears to care about their artists. But maybe it depends on the artist's fame? Case in point, Mina from TWICE was on hiatus last year due to anxiety and getting help to treat it. But, JYP also seems like a caring guy.

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Worldwide, the music industry is hard and ruthless and irrational.

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Besides all the stress & pressure involved, at the end of the day, the only one making any money is the management company.

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Why torture yourself by going back a industry you dissed and know is tough to make it in? She’s already in her 30s.

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