Seiko Matsuda, Mariya Takeuchi to collaborate on new song


Singer Seiko Matsuda, 49, is going to release a new song in a collaborative effort with veteran singer-songwriter Mariya Takeuchi, 56. It will be the first collaboration between two of the most popular singers of the Showa Era.

Takeuchi composed the music and wrote the lyrics for the song, "Special Lover," which will be released on Nov 23. The new song is Matsuda's 76th single.

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NetNinja, you may be right. But once you get to East's age, it becomes necessary to console oneself with such notions. Still, the botox or whatever Fuji Film product it is, seems to be working. On the surface at least (literally ;-)

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@theeastisred Seiko Matsuda. HA!!! She's got you fooled. No one.....absolutely no one....steadily improves as they get older. In fact, they get.....OLD and things start to sag due to the long term effects of gravity.

Those botox treatments are working if you think she's still got it. She's a mean one too with all her marriages and divorces.

Maybe the song will be nice. Just don't expect the youthful movements of AKB48 or Kara. Don't expect fresh tight vibrant skin.

What you can expect is a beautiful CD cover professionally altered using Photoshop.

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Seiko Matsuda is attractive especially for her age, and in fact has been steadily improving as she gets older. But I will never understand how people can become known as a 'singer' despite having not the least bit of ability in that field. Unfathomable.

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Veteran singer has their steady fan. They listen music with their memory, good-old-days. It may not so big hit song, like AKB, but it may sell ordinal sales performance. If the song link into some drama, it may be a good sales. Their songs are good to listen and sing. I hope to keep going such senior generation.

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