Seiko Matsuda starts her own production company


Pop singer Seiko Matsuda opened her own brand-new production company named “Felicia Club” on March 10, her 52nd birthday.

Matsuda also renewed her official website and wrote a message to her fans, “I could finally achieve this thanks to you. I will be so happy if you can continue supporting me and I will work harder from now on.”

She will announce her concert tour schedule exclusively to her fan club at the end of this month. It will then be announced to the public at the beginning of April.

Meanwhile, Matsuda's shop, Flores Seiko, located in Jiyugaoka, has been closed for renovations until the end of this month.

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"Felicia Club"? Why?


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I'm tempted to walk in and ask that they give me a talent contract. Mainly because maybe Seiko-chan will be there and I can shake her beautiful hand.

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@Peter - I did just exactly that about thirty years ago in Toyohashi, Aichi during a concert. I had hollered out "Seiko-chan" like about 2500 other guys, and she said, "Hey, that sounds like a foreigner!" . She called me down to the front of the crowd, below the stage, and asked me my name, what was my favorite song of hers, and then had a "roadie" give me a whole bag of goodies! (a lot of Glico candy, as she was making commercials for them then, but it did include her newest CD !) She then shook my hand and sent me on my way! And she sang "SWEET MEMORIES" just for me ! (I still haven't washed my hand !)

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Even though she's had extensive cosmetic surgery, I think she looks great for her age.

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