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Sequel already eyed as 'Godzilla' crushes box office rivals in U.S.


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Guess U.S. audiences don't think he's too fat.

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Catchy title. But considering the other movies out now, it's hardly surprising.

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curious people watched the movie. they wante to see how bad it is and now they made it a hit!

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Hmm. Maybe I was wrong. Maybe it won't be dreadful then. I'm not big on Hollywood remakes of foreign movies, but Godzilla seems to be absolutely trouncing the '98 version. Maybe I'll give it a looksie then. Wonder what they have in mind for the sequel as well. Godzilla vs Rodan perhaps? Or will they give Mothra a complete overhaul and make it a cool monster instead of a lame duck?

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My review: watched it this last weekend in Sao Paulo. Really impressive computer effects, they seem real. I recommend. That said I felt disappointed that all the action between Godzilla and the other monsters happened at night. This was exactly the criticism that the previous version of Godzilla received: that because they had a low budget, all computer effects had to be concealed behind heavy rain and lack of light (night time). But this new Gozdilla seems to love fighting at night only, or under rain. If you go to the movies expecting a superb battle of computer-made monsters, then you have it. Just forget the tacky American melodrama (the real monster) thrown in-between (green eyes husband/father gone hero).

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"Warner’s newest tentpole franchise...”

Interesting jargon. Never heard 'tentpole' used like that. I assumed it was the computer graphics giving the otaku fans a tentpole.

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As a European longterm Gojira fan I have to admit that the movie really has a lot going for it. It´s not the original, but it feels close enough. but unfortunately it lacks the critical undertones of the Japanese movies.

it´s an American re-imagination, if you can understand that and know that this will never be the one and only King of the Monsters, then you might be in for a treat. And it looks gorgeous. like nothing I´ve ever seen in a Kaiju movie.

Why can´t Tohu team up with WETA or ILM to finally combine the best of both worlds??

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A rather primitive plot and oversized monster. "America saves the World" and so on.

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A rather primitive plot and oversized monster. "America saves the World" and so on.

Life imitates art.

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"America saves the World"

More like Godzilla saves the world.

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Japanese Warm Up to Idea of American ‘Godzilla’


The Internet rumor that the Japanese see the new made-in-America “Godzilla” as “super-sized” and “too fat” is all wrong, Toho would like you to know.

“It’s just a small number of people saying that,” explains Toho PR rep Yosuke Ogura. “The number of people here who are OK with the new ‘Godzilla’ is a lot larger.”

Local fan opinion is more diverse than earlier negative media reports implied.

A glance at recent comments on the popular 2channel message board site reveals more anticipation than snark, now that additional info about the film has appeared, including early reviews.

Japan, however, will be the last major market to view the latest Hollywood iteration of the iconic franchise that Toho launched in 1954 with the first of 28 made-in-Japan Godzilla pics: The studio plans to release “Godzilla” on July 25, nearly six weeks after its U.S. bow, but not out of any uncertainty about its success.

“That’s just the best timing,” explains Ogura. “It’s when big movies are released here.”

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Here's the dream line-up for the upcoming Godzilla movie series:

Godzilla vs King Kong

Godzilla vs Superman, Batman, Ironman and Wonder Woman

Godzilla vs Alien and Predator

Godzilla vs the Klingons and the Romulans

"Guess U.S. audiences don't think he's too fat"

Or audiences in dozens of other countries where the movie is making big money.

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If properly done Godzilla movies will always be a draw seeing as how Godzilla is a generational monster. I watched them growing up...my kids did too and now their kids are doing the same.

I'm still a fan of Ishiro Honda's "War of the Gargantuans" and the little ones will sit and watch them with me...

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Ishiro Honda's "War of the Gargantuans"

That still remains one of my favorite monster movies from my childhood. I love that film!

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Godzilla took a nosedive this weekend as the latest X Men movie also opened in the 90 million dollar range.

But it'll still be a great box office success for Warner Bros/Legendary (it hasn't released in China or Japan yet).

Enough of a success for a sequel that is already being planned.

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