Sequel to animated film 'Demon Slayer' will be aired on TV in 2021


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Really can't figure out what "licensed quarters" is supposed to mean without the original Japanese here. Or is this an in-universe term used in the show?

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The author may be trying to avoid directly talking about “*districts licensed’ for ‘certain activities’ that are presently illegal *in Japan. The manga are fiction, set in the Taisho Era (1912-26), where ‘licensed quarters’ with ‘regulated’ prostitution may take place.

In the real world, prostitution in Japan was outlawed by the Diet with the Anti-Prostitution Law in 1956, with enforcement beginning in 1958.

In the manga, Yoshiwara is a district in Tōkyō, and serves as the main location of the ‘Entertainment District Arc’. It is a ‘red light district’ where a concentration of prostitution and sex-oriented businesses can be found.

* Cited: The State as Pimp: Prostitution and the Patriarchal by J Lie, ‎1997; ‎“describe and explicate the creation of... Japanese state regulated prostitution in licensed quarters.” - *

(btw: @TallPoppy: your earlier posts show significant knowledge of kanji, Japanese law, etc.)

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A bit of knowledge, a lot of curiosity, and a passion for learning - that's all I can say on the personal front!

Interesting info, thank you! In that case I can certainly see the need for euphemistic terms in the Japanese promotional material. It doesn't work at all in translation though, and there isn't a need to soften the notion of a "red light district" in English, regardless of its legality.

I plan to watch the show at some stage (if only to see what all the fuss is about) but I have to say this insight only heightens my confusion as to why it's so popular among young children. The violence was enough to make me wonder, and now this...?

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Hopefully they will put the current movie for free on the TV, I like the series but not enough to pay a ticket.

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