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Shanghai film festival pulls Japanese movie on gov't blacklist


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Days before the festival started, China’s Ministry of Culture released a list of 38 films banned for depicting “violence, pornography, terrorist activities” as well as “harming public morality.”

To the Ministry of Culture here....Pot-Kettle-Black!

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Thank you for protecting public morality from harm. We were worried!

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"...monstrous “titans” making humans their food..."

Maybe the Chinese authorities thought this was a reflection of them.

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What a pathetic decision! The sooner the world doesn't need two faced immoral hypocritical China the better + the millions of Chinese counterfeiters won't be happy!

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To the Ministry of Culture here....Pot-Kettle-Black!

You better be careful. Now that JT has been bought by a Japanese media company, there is going to be a lot of censorship here too. Watch out for this comment to be deleted.

Moderator: No, your comment is being rightly deleted because it has nothing to do with the story.

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no more "Drunken Master" Movies from China,,,,or I think they will let those slip

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Big Brother knows best.

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I'm looking forward to the totally unique and original film "The Autobots"

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It's going to be pirated to death anyways.

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ive seen a few episodes, while the action scenes arent bad its followed by long periods mind numbing conversations explaining the same thing over and over again. bit like doing business in Japan

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I am assuming that they are talking about the Live Action movie instead of the anime version. That makes no sense because Jurassic World made 100 million dollars over the weekend in China and those dinosaurs ate a lot of people. What's the difference between man-eating dinosaurs and naked man-eating giants with no genitalia?

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Do the giants have no genitalia? That characteristic is in common with the 16 century rendition of Lucifer illustrating Dante's Divine Comedy. https://www.flickr.com/photos/nihonbunka/18477221780 Attack on Titan Trailer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yWXJ-jqg3is

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It's a childish irony? Chinese government now is the most brutal violence and terrorism nation!

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Any movie that depicts oppression of any way,shape or form and the people fighting against such oppression hits a raw nerve with Chinese government. They can't have their people thinking "This is familiar......"

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I'm sure a huge number just downloaded the movie from offline and watched the unedited version.

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