Shatner, 'Star Trek' director to meet about role


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Nice to have money and health.

I was just watching the TV series Episode one with the salt craving woman. Pretty cool.

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(trekkie geekery warning)

I don't see how they can bring the original Kirk into the rebooted Star Trek universe. In "Generations", he was already placed in a pocket universe (Nexus) so he could meet Picard. Now that the original Spock created the alternate timeline of the reboot, original Kirk would have to cross the Nexus, time and timeline border.

OR, the new Scotty could just whip up an experimental model of the transporter that brings old, fat and grumpy versions of crew from alternate realities. DONE. We can bring most of the old crew back.

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Old Kirk ( Shatner ) to new Kirk ( Chris Pine ): One word of advice: Don't trust Vulcans.

New Kirk: That's three words, and don't you mean Klingons?

Old Kirk: Nah, I made up with the Klingons, just because they don't take prisoners doesn't mean they don't have a great sense of humor! But those cold, green-blooded calculating Vulcans...

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Can he not reprise TJ Hooker, too?

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Sure, as long as he doesn't reprise attorney Denny Crane, lol.

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Mock him all you want, but Shatner has done pretty well for himself after a mundane TV series that seems like it ran forever but actually ran for only 2 3/4 years!

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he's 80 freaking 3?!?! who knew?!

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I loved him as Denny Crane - so sad when they cancelled Boston Legal. He and James Spader were such a wonderfully smarmy combo.

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Yay, the REAL Captain Kirk!

I really don't see how they can bring Kirk back... he could maybe play a relative of Pine-Kirk, an uncle or something.

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They should bring Shatner back only after they bring Ricardo Montalban back, and not a moment sooner.

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Nessie, if they could bring back Ricardo Montalban from the dead, Shatner would say -


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