Shinjo releases new fragrance


Former Nippon Ham outfielder Tsuyoshi Shinjo, 36, announced the release of his new fragrance “LHSF” this week and also announced he had bought a racehorse. Wearing a black suit, red shoes and a red and black scarf, he said: “Let’s drop the formality that accompanies most usual press announcements.”

Shinjo said he was involved in the year-long development of “LHSF,” which stands for “Let’s Have Some Fun!” He said it was made to resemble the smell of a 10-yen gum he used to love when he was in kindergarten.

Shinjo said he became interested in paintings after appearing on a TV program recently, and ended up buying a horse at an auction in Hokkaido so that he could take time to paint it. The dark brown racehorse sold for two million yen.

Shinjo then went on to name his new horse at the press event. He tilted his head and after five seconds said: “Tanoshinjoy,” which he explained comes from “tanoshii,” “Shinjo” and “joy.” If his application to race the horse is approved, he will enter it in competition as early as next May.

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So from the photo it must smell like horse pee and surf. Black suit and red shoes, with that sense of fashion why would anyone trust a perfume he endorses?

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Does anyone really want to smell like "10-yen gum"? Must be a cultural thing I'll never grasp -- thank god.

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Ah Shinjo you crazy son of a ......... wondered where you been hiding.

If I had to be a J-guy Shinjo wud be a candidate, certainly seems to enjoy himself which is so so rare in Jpn

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I have to agree with him on dropping the formality and wearing whatever he likes but, as for him intoducing a new fragrance and buying a racehorse? Does anyone really care?

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Why is this news ??

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...or "IROM"..."Im Running Out of Money!"

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"it was made to smell like the 10-yen gum he used to love"

Does it smell anything like Bazooka bubblegum?

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do you get a free comic strip with each bottle LOL

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"Let’s drop the formality that accompanies most usual press announcements"

Is he talking about the usual god-awful comments about model/actresses/"talent's" love lives?

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I love that bubblegum smell too, actually

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Why not just buy the 10 yen gum and rub it on the neck instead?

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