'Shirato Family' on hand for opening of Softbank's Ginza store


Softbank Mobile opened its big Ginza store this week and the stars of its wildly successful TV commercial campaign were on hand to help.

Members of the Shirato Family -- Aya Ueto, 26, Kanako Higuchi, 53, Dante Carver, 35, and the father dog Kai-kun -- joined Softbank CEO Masayoshi Son, greeting customers in the store on Tuesday.

"This is gorgeous and awesome," Ueto gushed. Journalists, of course, were more interested in her relationship with Hiroyuki Igarashi, 42, a member of the all-male group EXILE. But Ueto declined to comment on reports that they will be getting married soon.

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That dog has the afraid of heights pose !!!!!! Plus he's not a happy dog. His tail is pointed down. Sorry poochie, your surrounded by idiots.

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Downward Dog !!!!!!! Kai-kun said, " Get me outta here !!!!!! "

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Journalists, of course, were more interested in her relationship with Hiroyuki Igarashi, 42, a member of the all-male group EXILE.

It's nice to know that EXILE is still all male. @_@

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wildly successful TV commercial campaign

Who says they are wildly successful? Because they are forced on us?

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Aya Ueto has a typical Japanese girl fashion sense, wearing a shapeless dress that looks like a bag at best is not good for a public event.

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Aya's dress looks like a hospital gown on a patient undergoing medical checks.

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I've never seen Ueto wear anything but clothes much too big for her. What is she hiding and why?

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Oh boy, I remember the last time JT had a story about this family. Let me jump on the overanalysis bandwagon:

The family's name is White. Aya is wearing white. She is white dog Kai-kun's daughter. She is pure as driven snow.

Dante Carver is wearing a suit, just like his boss Masayoshi Son. He is intended to be Son's son. Like his suit, Dante is both White and black. His life is like chess. Everyone tunes in to the Softbank commercial to see if he scores a checkmate or stalemate as he quietly resists the overbearing father/dog.

Kanako Higuchi is not dressed like any of the others, in the same way Hiro stands out from the EXILE horde. Therefore, she is exercising mind control over Aya Ueto in the fictional family and in real life. Shades of Nakajima.

Can't wait to see how all the holes in this story get filled in. Take it away, someone...

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Only Dante is dressed perfectly and with style! The suit suits him perfectly, not too tight, not too loose, and look at his green tie and matching Handkerchief! That is called style and beauty. Men, watch and learn!

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reading the comments on youtube it doesn't seem it's that popular among people...but could be only me, don't know.

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Never seen any sense in this ridiculous premise for an advertising campaign. Happy to see a gaijin getting a starring role, but that's the only good thing I can say about it.

Masayoshi Son is wasting his money.


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