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Shoko Nakagawa and Ryuji Akiyama animated at voice recording for Pokemon movie


“Multi-talent” Shoko Nakagawa, 24, hammed it up for the press invited to a voice recording in Nishi Waseda this week, for “Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Arceus: To the Conquering of Space-Time” – an animated film directed by Kunihiko Yuyama.

Nakagawa, singer of the song at the end of the movie and also voice of the character known in English as Notched-ear Pichu, could not contain her excitement – emphasizing that her character was cute and that she was elated with her role. Actress Kii Kitano, 18, who provides the voice of Sheena, appeared nervous with her first voice-acting gig, saying she would do her best not to fluff her lines.

Celebrity Akihiro Miwa, 74, who supplies the voice of Arceus, could not make it to the event but sent a message by video, in which he said: “I am the reincarnation of Pikachu. That’s why my hair is yellow, you see.” Ryuji Akiyama, 30, from the comedy trio Robert then made a surprise entrance on stage dressed up as Miwa, and started screaming.

“Pocket Monsters Diamond & Pearl the Movie: Arceus: To the Conquering of Space-Time” opens in cinemas in Japan on July 18.

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So, someone came in and started screaming about something we're not told about, and then the story ends.

I love these stories.

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wow pokemon movie ftw =w=

The new voices will stir up excitement for the pokemon fans out there. I should say this is a good move from the production staff.

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the best pokemon movie ever was "chinpokomon" (South Park)

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Great story - about as good as the movie is likely to be

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They should just make a live-action Pokemon movie and be done with it. Hire David Fincher to direct.

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LOL everytime I see Akihiro Miwa I still crack up.

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These movies need to die already. Maybe give some other game series some lovin' on the big screen?

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