Show must go on as Queen and Adam Lambert release first live album

By Hanna Rantala

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I remember that Adam Lambert became famous after winning second place in America's Got Talent. What happened to the guy who won first place? Can't wait to hear the album. Nobody can replace Freddie, but I hope Adam finds his groove. I love their music.

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KentarogaijinToday  01:03 am JST

Queen died with Freddie..


I agree. Freddie made a demo tape of vocals and told the 3 survivors to add their instrumental accompianment to it when he was gone. A similar thing happened when Yoko gave Paul such a tape and instructed him, George and Ringo to do the same. And George Harrison himself did what Freddie did for his final release.

Queen's last album was studio cobbled together and it was released as 'made in Heaven' in late 1995. THAT was the last Queen album, period.

Freddie's dead, no more Queen.

It's over.

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A few years ago Adam Lambert made a solo Japanese tour and I was able to see him in Sendai. One of the best concerts I have ever been to. I thought I would never have the chance to see him again, but that same year he came with Queen and I got to see him and them at the Nihon Budokan. Again, one of the best concerts I have ever been to. Queen still has it, and though Freddie can't be replaced, Queen has found a great singer to continue their work.

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