Showtime for stars as Cannes film festival kicks off

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By Katy Lee

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You forgot you own stars. Last night on the red carpet, i saw Kimura for his new film. I don't remember the name (i know only kenchin peace teacher) and the journalist seems to say that the person who did the film is great too (moderne, first 3Dfilm in Canne ? ).

They talked a lot about Kimura and how he is already famous in Japan.

I see someone with potential for the future on the international screen, if he is put off his misery to have to play like a kid that he is not anymore. He is an intelligent man who need to be form and opened to the high artistic world otherwise he will die like all of my kind in trementous pains. We need to progress toward our DNA and not go backward. We need to do something to progress.

I thought he was near or already a living god. Why keeping him down ? Competitors need to go above themselves and "his kind" toward peace of bouddhism or zazen. It is obvious he does not know what to do with himself and his talent. His talent agency is not international ground, they just wanted the money and him not to grow above their control (according to me). Noone seems to know is intelligent above himself in the artist world or "living god world".

What is happening in Japan ? Do Japan let artist die ? Because he is certainly not living. Gods create. Its is our living soul. What have you given to him to create for the honor of Japan ?

The highest gods are dumb in the material world. They need to be given tuition in the first steps and sometime have a hand to make for them the bottom steps. They are the givers of news dreams that others will build according to their creators. He need a new paradigm and the right to be dumb and make mistakes to learn.

The forger of one of the most beautiful sword in the world does not know anymore how to swim in an adult ocean ? He is one your kind as much as he is one of mine. France does not care. Many countries does not care. We need to broke or bend the bones of the sword before managing to reach the top the art.

Good luck to forge this one ocean dreamers because THAT one is too dumb (proud) for his own good. He is just tender as needed to be helped by force. Teach him at least fluent english.


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