Signs at Beatles pilgrimage site Penny Lane defaced in racism row


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The streets will be full of graffiti if this trend continues.

Oh, hang on, they already are filled with graffiti. And most of it as irrelevant and unnecessary as this example.

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Obviously the Beatles song Penny Lane must be expunged from history.

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Scrub the song from history, remove it from libraries and change the name forever.

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Hang on, wasnt Strawberry Fields owned by the Salvation Army? Theres gotta be a reason there for further defacement.

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How about “Carla Lane”?

She was a Scouser....

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Black Statues Matter !

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The majority of black people the UK, though not all, are people, or their dependants who came to the UK in the late 40’s to 1970s.. They came voluntarily to do the low paid, often dirty and hard jobs that the native white population did not want to do. It wasn’t to say sorry for colonisation or a social experiment. The fact that most of them came from former slave colonies is important, but they call all return to their home countries in the Commonwealth anytime they desire.

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Iforecast an uprising by the native white majority population. They have had enough of this blm rubbish already. Mark my words, it is coming.

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@Mr Killing: you are another one who has missed the point. That is why all of this is so necessary. Thankfully, a lot of the white populace understands.

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@ umbrella

Are you suggesting Charles Manson’s interpretation of “Helter Skelter”?

Or more like "Happiness Is a Warm Gun"?

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Come ON. people! 'Penny Lane' is immortalized by the BEATLES. Nobody even seems to remember this 'John Penny' and besides, how do we know this lane wasn't named for the penny coin? The Beatles are not racists and their legacy with this street overshadows everything else. Yeah, Liverpool was once a slaver port but that city is synonomous with the Fab Four now. This is ridiculous.

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By the way, what’s the black population In the Uk? From the BBC, they’re about 40%.

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Mob mentality, fueled by ignorance.

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tooheysnewJune 13 05:40 pm JST

Black Statues Matter !

Made me laugh.

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