Simon & Garfunkel kick off final Japan tour in Nagoya


American duo Paul Simon, 67, and Art Garfunkel, 67, started their third and final tour of Japan as Simon and Garfunkel with a show at Nagoya Dome on Wednesday night, and in the process broke the record for oldest artists to play at the dome.

Performing in Japan for the first time since 1993, the pair started the show with “Old Friends,” and performed 26 songs including hits “The Sound of Silence,” “Bridge Over Troubled Water” and “The Boxer,” with a vigor that belied their age. They also played a tribute to Michael Jackson.

The pair announced their final world tour as Simon & Garfunkel in February, when Garfunkel made a surprise appearance at one of Simon’s shows in New York. The tour started with shows in New Zealand last month and then moved on to Australia, where they finished playing last week before coming to Japan.

Simon & Garfunkel will perform at Tokyo Dome on Friday and Saturday, Kyocera Dome in Osaka on July 13 and finish their tour at Sapporo Dome on July 18.

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rajakumar: What narcotics are you on buddy!!! Simon and Garfunkel are 2 socialist, hippy has beens who should be shunned for their unpatriotic views. I can'T see why Japanese are interested in these 2 elderly marxists.

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Paul Simon wrote a fine song called graceland about Elvis/graceland/memphis.

Wonder whether he or other composers,can do a song for national guitar MJ and national guitar neverland california.

We need some of his help with a graceland like amazing love song for neverland/california/MJ for MJ fans.

Paul Simon or other famous US songwriters, need to go neverland and inspire out a song.

A song needed for neverland/MJ,may by Paul Simon,lionel ritchie,The jacksons,janet jacksons,motown and many others who knew MJ.

MJ fans, need to write more songs about him.

It is good way for MJ fans to be inspired,and use energy more positively via composing songs about MJ for the radios.

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At Tokyo Dome tonight they were amazing. With just guitar and harmonies they were truly awesome. I had to check but they really are 67 years old, born a month apart. Art Garfunkel was nice and chatty too, Simon more like an old curmudgeon.

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I wonder if they come to play in Europe, too. I saw them 26 years ago when they gave the concert in Nice stadium. They were still young and played well, but many of us noticed that they never talked to each other, they didn't even looked at each other. They just came on stage, sang and gone. As it was the only concert in the region, there were Prince Albert II and Princess Stephanie as well.

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I remember being in grammar school singing these songs! Memories!

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Wow. I am so jealous. Seriously, I'm glad you had a good time. Boy, what I would give to see them perform together.

I guess I'll have to keep my eyes and ears open.


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Did anyone see the photos on the posters advertising these concerts? It looks like the promoter got hold of a photo of S&G from 40 years ago.

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I went to this show. It was fantastic! Great sound and the vibe at the dome suited the tunes. There was complete silence during there acoustic classics and when they finished each tune the applause was massive. Very cool. Cecilia had everyone on their feet. Did two encores. All ages at the show too. Great night.

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