Singer and Pride promoter Lenne Hardt to host gala benefit for Tohoku

By Dan Grunebaum

Irrepressible expat voice artist Lenne Hardt — known as much for her hard-hitting Pride promotions as her stylish jazz singing — will host a gala benefit for quake and tsunami victims at SuperDeluxe on Sept 11.

On the bill are the Lenne Hardt Jazz Cabaret Band, which Hardt calls “a five-piece funky funny jazzy and sometimes naughty show band,” and a number of artists either from or involved in Tohoku.

Among these are Heaven’s Dust, an acoustic Japanese/English band with a charity single about the Tohoku disaster “More Than This,” Iwaki hip-hop artist Daikia Tamura, as well as a children’s choir from Sendai. Time and admission charge will be announced later.

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Voice artist? Not only is she near unintelligible, her voice and delivery has to be one of the most foul sounds I have ever had the displeasure of hearing. Only in Japan could this woman be considered a "voice artist" For those who have never heard her check some YouTube videos of her introducing PRIDE fighters. I used to mute the T.V. until they entered the cage.

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Saw the Lenne Hardt performance in Aoyama last year - an exhilarating, eclectic performance by some real dynamic music makers. Even more scheduled for this show. Have already ordered tickets for me and my tribe. Almost feel guilty that my donation to the people of Tohoku will include such a big reward for me and my friends.

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What is Pride Promotions ?

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Just found out what Pride Promotions is. Not a great name for a promotions company. I thought at first it had something to do with gays.

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To paraphrase Shep Proudfoot, "Don't know her, can't vouch for her"... But glad to hear she's doing this!!

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Pride Fighters didn't want to appear after being introduced by her drunken wicked witch voice (except maybe Bob Sapp). I wish Pride promotions would go away so we can clear the way for some U.F.C action in Japan.

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She is not as bad as everyone here makes her out to be.

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It's not called "Pride Promotions". The context is clearly implying that she promoted at Pride [Fighting Championship] events.

Angus Rofe,

You have absolutely no idea what you're talking about. Everyone loved her and fighters even admitted to getting PUMPED UP by her introductions. You obviously know nothing about her or Pride FC considering: 1. You're calling it 'Pride promotions', 2: Pride was bought out by the UFC's parent-company, Zuffa in 2007 (so Pride doesn't exist anymore), and 3: Lenne Hardt got hired immediately for DREAM once it started up, and fans want her to come to America for U.S.-based MMA promotions. Obviously some people (or I don't know...A LOT of them) like her for her unique announcing abilities.

So please, spare us your nonsense.

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Agreed on points 1-3 and drunken mistakes noted! And yes she's unique and probably has fans. However when it comes to seeing my favorite fighters names being introduced I prefer a dignified Bruce Buffer voice rather than a screeching witch being tortured voice.

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"Iwaki hip-hop artist Daikia Tamura" => Iwate hip-hop artist Daiki Tamura.

The www.super-deluxe.com website has this wrong, so it must be wrong info from the promoters.

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