Singer Joe Cocker dies at 70


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We're gonna miss you Joe. You smokers may want to think about quitting.


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Cancer sticks takes another great artist away too early. Horrible way to die.

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Many years ago Joe Cocker did a royal command performance. The look on the Queen's face when he hit the high note on With a Little Help from My Friends! She was enthralled. So were we all!

Wonderful performer.

He is sorely missed.

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I still love singing 'Unchain My Heart' his way, arms akimbo, eyes closed, tears on my face. Watch out karaoke bars in Tokyo, I'm on my way!

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RIP Mr Cocker - one of the few whose voice could move me to tears and laughter

I loved your duet with John Belushi just as much as Woodstock

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Dear Joe,

Thank you for making the world a better place with your fantastic voice. May you rest in peace.

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See ya Joe! It's only your body that has passed on, but your songs will live forever.

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First saw him at the Great Western Festival in 1972, stoned out of his skull, but a memorable performance, with the Grease Band. His singing got better over the years too...

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Love lifted him up where he belonged.

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Gas fitting in Sheffield has never been the same since you found fame Jo. Thank you for THAT performance. Astounding. Goodnight. x

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Great man, fantastic musician, was very shocked to hear the news. Again, another REAL legend has sadly us. They just don't come better like him. RIP

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No mention of "you can leave your hat on"? 70 years... Good age to die! No too young, not too old!

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Joe died from lung cancer, and I bet it was a smoker who thumbs-downed our comments. Let's see if you feel the same way later, when you are sick.

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RIP, Joe. Whether or not you liked the man or his music, he deserves total respect for it. Of the songs I know, I think they were all fantastic, though none a part of my everyday listening.

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Loved his song that was the theme for "The Wonder Years". Rest in Peace my man!

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Great songs, great musician, highly talented , well respected guy, its nice to see some one thats not gone off the rails onto drink and drugs, he will be sadly missed by a lot of people.

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"Joe Cocker, whose intense, gritty voice"

I really liked that gritty voice. RIP Joe.

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RIP Joe. Unlike most people who pass through the Pearly Gates, you can leave your hat on.

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"You smokers may want to think about quitting."

Right. But then who's going to create the great music?

My own favorites are his versions of "Many rivers to cross" and "Something". But anything he sang made me feel better.

PS. I've read he gave up smoking in 1992.

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You do not have to smoke to create music. But smoking does cause lung cancer, which is what killed Cocker.

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What a fantastic singer! RIP. The article says that 'With a little help..' "was one of the most successful covers." Cover? He owned that song... I'm sure Paul and Ringo would agree. The statement sounds detrimental to his talent.

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